Previewing Art on Wall Through InroomPreview: Tips and Ideas

previewing art on wall

Previewing Art on Wall Through InroomPreview: Tips and Ideas

Before launching InRoomPreview, our visualization app for previewing art on wall, we conducted a survey asking art lovers and artists/art galleries what are the most important reasons for not buying art on the spot, and respectively for not closing sales immediately. These were the recurrent answers:

  1. “I don’t know how the painting would look like in my space” – a visualization issue
  2. “I am indecisive between paintings as I saw so many”- a “too many options” issue 
  3. “I don’t know if the price is worth the value” – a pricing issue

Once we knew what pain our target audience had, we delivered on it. We tried to tackle all these pain points by creating a visualization app that lets you preview any art on your wall, in real-time so that you can try out all the different options and cancel out those that don’t look good in your space, thereby choosing the option that is most suitable for your likes and your budget.

And yes, all that is for FREE. So, why don’t you go to the Apple store or Play Store and download InRoomPreview as we speak? While doing so we will give you tips and ideas for previewing art on your wall.

Step 1: Go through Instagram art pages and through the array of paintings that are already uploaded on the app

Pages such as Art3Page, Art_Workspace, Artstudio_post, etc. showcase an array of painters and paintings. You can get access to thousands of paintings, and choose a few of your liking. On top of that, our app already has dozens of paintings at your disposal that you could try at any time.

Step 2: Screenshot the paintings that you want and upload them

Once you have screenshotted the paintings, open our app, crop them and press “Upload Art”.

Step 3: Take a picture of your room

Click “Upload Room” and take a picture of your room.

Step 4: Do a close-up and a longer shot

In order to really see how this painting would look in real life, take a close up from your room and a longer shot.

Step 5: Check where it looks the best

Sometimes we have an idea of where we want to hang the painting but that may not always be the best idea. As you have the option to preview that art in all of the rooms, take advantage of it. Take a picture of all the walls you could imagine hanging that art piece on and choose the best one.

Step 6: Try out different paintings

Experiment, experiment, experiment. You have the possibility to try all the paintings that you see on the net to find the right one for you. If you have a particular artist in mind, go to his page, screenshot the art you like, and preview all the different paintings.

Step 7: Don’t just see if that painting goes with your interior 

Art doesn’t follow any rules. When buying art the most important thing is to feel it. If you have a painting that you truly love and it fits the interior – great, otherwise choose something that moves you. The art piece is something that you would have to look at every time you pass by that wall. Hence, it should be enjoyable and something that speaks to you rather than something that just looks good.

Step 8: Connect with the artists to receive more background on the painting, the sizing, and the price

Reaching out to artists has never been easier. Nowadays you don’t have to ask the manager of the gallery to tell you about a certain painting when you can do it yourself. Connect with them on social media and show them that you are curious to learn more. Also, ask for the sizing as that is extremely important when choosing a painting. Imagine you want your chosen painting to be in blown up proportion but the artist has only a small dimension of it. Well, who knows, maybe they will do one just for you 😉 But either way, check that out before making any purchase. On top of that, talk about the pricing. Have a budget in mind and see if this painting is within your budget or not.

Step 9: A little promotion never hurt anybody

Please document these steps as we would love to connect with you. We are focused on user-centricity, so we appreciate any feedback that could help us tailor this experience of previewing art on wall for you even more.