3 Steps to Organizing an Online Art Exhibition on a Budget

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3 Steps to Organizing an Online Art Exhibition on a Budget

Have you ever had the trouble of not being able to be at multiple places at the same time? Have your art lovers experienced this? How many times have they not made it because they already had plans, maybe date night, or they were supposed to take care of their children?

Not being able to physically attend your art exhibition due to time constraints or simply due to location should no longer be something that you and your audience need to worry about.

Why Should You Do an Online Art Exhibition

Even before Covid-19 hit, there was a need for virtual art exhibitions, but now it is stronger than ever. While some may think this is a step back for you as an artist as you can’t physically connect with your art lovers, we’d like to think of it in a very positive way. Your audience could literally attend an art exhibition in New York while they are having their breakfast in their apartment in Barcelona or attend an art exhibition in London while they are on the tram to work.

Virtual art exhibitions have a plethora of positive experiences attached to them. You could open up your art to a bigger pool of people, at the same time. More people can see and appreciate your art, and what’s better than that? Moreover, augmented reality apps have made it possible and extremely easy to use paintings from your art exhibitions and virtually try them on in their personal space. Or, at least that’s what we do.

How to organize an online art exhibition

We present to you three steps to organizing a captivating online art exhibition that will leave your audience in awe. You can either do it yourself or, leave everything to us and relax while we organize your virtual art exhibition on a budget.

Step 1: Download InRoomPreview and upload your paintings to it

The creation of an art piece is perplexed and sometimes can be a long process. The good news is – you are almost there. You are a step away from opening up your art to the world. All that hard work and sleepless nights are finally paying off. What you need to do now is take a picture of your paintings, save them on your phone, download our app, register for your unique “Gallery Exhibition Code” and upload those pictures. The users will then be able to browse through them, take a picture of their space, and virtually place your art on their wall. Always for free.

You can upload up to 25 artworks for $14.95 or up to 100 artworks for $49.95. All prices are for a one-time payment. You pay once for artwork upload. And that’s it. You will have a permanent online art exhibition.

Step 2: Promote your art exhibition on social media

Indeed, the lack of proper social media marketing may result in low participation levels at the art exhibition due to the audience’s lack of knowledge about it. Imagine doing all the hard work, stimulating your brain creatively, passionately pouring yourself into the project, and not having the buzz and the appreciation you deserve. Having said that, it is without a doubt that the most important thing for you as an artist is to create the art pieces rather than worry about how many people visit your event, but it wouldn’t hurt if they do, right?

Luckily, we can take care of that part too. We collaborate with a marketing company that takes care of the social media promotion part from beginning to end. The marketing campaign is made well-off in advance, to give your potential audience time to learn more about it, get interested in it, and eventually show initiative – attending your art exhibition through Zoom.

Step 3: Exhibit, engage and find buyers through Zoom

Art exhibitions are complex concepts. True art lovers dig deeper than just the painting – they want to know more about the artist, the inspiration behind it, the methods used, etc. They are not spectators, they want to be a part of the conversation. Indeed, that’s the whole point of having a physical art exhibition when you can set the atmosphere of how, when, and where you want art lovers to get in touch with your art, which has an effect on how they perceive your art. However, the traditional form of virtual art exhibitions doesn’t sell anything more than the actual paintings. There are numerous apps that allow you to have a traditional virtual art exhibition that lacks the human touch. The method is: you download a mock-up room, upload some paintings, and make it available for art lovers to see.

InRoomPreview is Here to Help in Every Step of the Way

Quite the opposite, at InRoomPreview, we want to create and replicate real connections between artists and art lovers. Hence why we organize these not-so-traditional online art exhibitions through zoom. The floor is yours. You can choose to have a mediator that will host the art exhibition or you can do it yourself. Anyone that is interested in your art can join through the Zoom link and participate in your online art exhibition.

This gives you a plethora of options as to how you want to structure your art exhibition – introduce yourself, showcase your art, talk about the inspiration and motivation behind it, answer any questions that they might have, get real-time feedback from them, etc. Finally, you give the art exhibition participants a code for each one of the paintings so that they can try them on in real-time in their own personal space. The good thing about this is that you can right then and there find potential buyers and engage with them.

In conclusion, it is not a passive and incomplete copy of a physical art exhibition but rather an extraordinary mimicking of it – a virtual space where you exhibit, engage, and get buyers, all in real-time.