How it works

How it works

InRomPreview is a very easy to use App but mainly a very ease to install and set up App. Below you will find the steps for the installation process once you decided to use our application and start to amaze your customers with your new services.

1. Create Your Art

 InRoomPreview works with artists all around the world. By becoming a user of the InRoomPreview App, you become also a member our community of artist and art galleries. All the tools you need to increase your social and professional cercle.

2. Create your Artist ID

Your ID will allow your customers to find your art portfolio on the App. It is your personal and unique ID. Your customers will only see your art portfolio and no one else’s. 

3. Take a picture of your paintings

You can use any format you prefer and take as many pictures you want, depending on the plan you selected. We recommend taking the pictures of your painting with your camera or phone if the quality offered is high.

4. Enjoy and test your previsualization App

You are now ready use and offer the visualization services to your customers.  No matter how many customers, InRoomPreview offers unlimited and free downloads.

5. And More with your visualization Business Card

In complement of the InRoomPreview visualization App, we offer business card design including your Artist ID and access to the InRoomPreview. You will then easily share your art at any event and let the visitors visualize your portfolio at home.