How it works

1. Using the first row buttons, you can change art from our featured artists or upload your own. 
2. Using the second row buttons you can change rooms  or upload your own room, using your phone camera. 

What are the benefits?

If you are an Artist or an Art Gallery, you can place your art in different rooms and post it on Instagram. All for free!

If you are willing to buy art, but you are not sure how it gonna fit your room, you can upload the art and also upload your room and check it out. Then you can make a purchase without a hesitation. Also for free!

Paid service

If you are an Artist or an Art Gallery, you can upload all your art in our app and get Gallery Exhibiotion Code.
You can share your Gallery Exhibition code with your art lovers. You can share at on flyers or business cards at your gallery or on your social pages.

Your visitors can see ALL your art on their home wall using our app. For free!
We only charge Art Galeries or artists. Once for the every art upload, one dollar or less, depends of plan they choose.


Gallery Exhibition code – Step by step

InRoomPreview is a very easy to use App. Below you will find the steps for the installation process. Start to amaze your customers with your new services.

1. Take a picture of your paintings


2. Register Gallery  

and choose how many uploads you need. After credit card procesing, you will get your your Gallery Exhibition code and your pass. Then you can upload your art to InRoom Preview cloud. After every upload, you can see how many uploads you have left. You can buy more at any time.

You can upload your art directly from your phone camera or Image gallery.

3. Share your Gallery Exhibition code on social media

You are now ready to use and offer free visualization services to your customers.  No matter how many customers, InRoomPreview offers unlimited and free downloads.

4. And More with your visualization Business Cards

In complement of the InRoomPreview visualization App, we are also offering  business card design. Also business card printing. We are going to put your Gallery Exhibition code on the card. Let the visitors visualize your art at home.