1. Art Visualization App

2. Clear Plastic Business Cards

for Art & Photography

Your Art on Any Wall in Real-Time

With InRoomPreview visualization App, everybody can
visualize your full art portfolio in real-time at any wall
and see what a beautiful fit will be.

Innovative Business Cards

InRoomPreview goes beyond the online services and offers you the offline tool you will need at art exhibitions, meetings and promotions.

UV Printed on clear plastic, this business cards will leave everlasting impression. But real excitement comes using the visualization app included on the card.

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"Just like Coffee to Go, this is Art to Go. By giving a business card with my InRoomPreview ID, I virtually give my whole exhibition at their home."
Monika Rizovska
"Our sales increased since we are using the InRoomPreview App. Customers make the purchases faster and with more confidence."
Monika Blazevska

Download the App. Its free. Try beta testers user ID: “oleks” or  “leine” 

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