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Home Decor Ideas

Room decoration with wall sticker quotes

If your walls could speak…make sure they say something about you!

Get inspired, energized and motivated with your favorite Wall Quote Decal! We have that very special “feel good” wall decal that will get your day started the right way and let your personality shine at home, in your dorm, or in the office. Choose from inspirational messages and warm phrases, as well as reminders to relax, breath and to remember the important things in life!


These are more than wall decals!  These are wall decorating solutions for the soul!  And because there are many facets of you, RoomMates inspirational wall decal quotes are so affordable and so easy to remove and re-apply that you can change them as often as your mood. Just peel and stick!

Living room Quotes

What a great way to give our own touch to your home decoration. By putting on the walls your vision, values and slogan,your guests will truly see your personality in a fun and original way. Not only the quotes on the living room will fill up the empty spaces but it will also gives lives and meaning to your wall.

kitchen quotes

Not everybody wants to cook in the family, so why not make the kitchen a fun place ? Maybe some family members will finally decide to join the party. With Kitchen quotes such “Kiss the cook”, you will enjoy great cooking time boosted by a kiss from your loved one. The kitchen will finally be a cool place to hangout and a great place to start a conversation. Bon Appétit !

Quotes for kids rooms

Isn’t it hard to find the right decoration for your kid’s room? Every time your propose a new wall color or wall drawing, to are pretty sure that your kid will start screaming because this is not his favorite character ? Well with Quotes on their wall, you can be sure that your kid will enjoy the personalization of his wall and the drawing of his favorite character. You can also put on the wall the message you will like him or her to read everyday. You can also make it educational by putting on the wall the alphabet. So many possibilities with the wall decor thanks to quote printing !

Don’t Know which quote will fit best in your room ? Try the InRoomPreview App !

InRoomPreview is an app that allow you to see in real time any quote on your home walls. With its augmented reality system, you can visualize any quotes or painting before making your purchase. No more doubts or bad surprise, only confirmations. You can now download the InRoomPreview for free on Google Play store and apple store.