Monika Blazevska

Monika Blazevska

From her sparkling personality to her hypnotizing feminine artwork, Monika brought us into her universe at the first sight.

What a pleasure to have her artwork integrated in the InRoomPreview app. Monika is the type woman that will strike you by her female energy. You know, this energy that is always hard to explain or illustrate. Well she fantastically materialize it in her painting. Showing us in her artwork what a beautiful beauty is there in every woman. Through every emotion, every shape, every stage of life, there is beauty. We will try at first to identify a repetitive pattern, a common style, but there will always be a surprise at every painting, an unexpected element showing you her true talent at reinventing herself and adapting to any emotion she wants to transfer. We will say that Monika has a own definition of feminism. 

To Know more about Monika and her art

To visualize her art at your home, feel free to download InRoomPreview App and insert her artist ID : bmart

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