Happy to work for Diana Karanfilska Adroher

Happy to work for Diana Karanfilska Adroher

Diana Karanfilska Adroher is a brilliant artist from Macedonia who is practicing her art in France. She creates beautiful mosaic arts. You will find her art on her website: http://atelierdka.com/

She surprised us with an original printing idea she came up with. She wanted to print business card where her art picture will be embedded in between the paper sheets. The customers could then slide out every art from the business card.

It is with ideas and demand like that we decided to create business cards where artists can integrate visualization option of their art. So with the InRoomPreview App, artist can add their Artist ID on their business card. So the customer can download the InRoomPreview App, insert the artist ID, and visualize the artworks on their wall, at home. 

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