Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Most frequent questions and answers

InRoomPreview is an art visualization app for mobile phones and tablets. 

It lets app users virtualy see how does artwork looks in any space. 
App users download the app to their mobile devices for free.
To start browsing artist gallery, app users must have ID, provided by the artist.
Without the ID, users can’t see any art.
With the ID, users can only see the art provided by the artist.
After using InRoomPreview app, users can make a purchase without a doubt and no hesitations.

Note to artists, photographers, galleries.
We upload and manage art content of the artists, photographers …
We connect every artwork with direct link to your eshop, site, fb…
With InRoomPreview you will get less abandoned shopping carts.
We provide free demo with 3 of your artworks.

InRoomPreview is great for artists, galleries, art fairs

It’s awsome clear plastic business cards, for you art exhibition or everyday meetings. 

  • The transparent business card with integrated InRoomPreview visualization application goes way beyond the regular business card. Although it contains all the elements of standard business card it represents an innovative tool in the art business sales industry. 
  • On the product design side, the customers will receive the most sophisticated business card, with an impressive, unforgettable look, made of transparent plastic perfectly printed with the latest technology. On the service side, they will receive a new innovative and personalised way of selling art. Particularly after the artwork is uploaded in the app, the ID is created and printed on a business card. Having the ID, the potential buyer can not only see the art, but it can virtually try the art on their wall. This is a win-win situation that will easy both the selling and buying process.