2 Months before the Art Exhibition day
The first thing to do is to establish date for your Art Exhibition, but check for other art exhibit related events and don’t get cross dates!
Establish budget for publicity, art reception, etc.

1 Months before the Exhibit Opening
Connect with local arts journalists and influencers to make them aware of the exhibit.
Take photos of your art and Prepare your Art Catalog, Posters and art visualization business cards.

3 weeks before the Exhibit Opening
Upload your artworks painting pictures in a pre-visualization app that allow your audience to virtually see your art in their home and living room. This will help your audience to make their choice easier and to go to the event with a clear idea of the art they would like to purchase. A great and affordable app for that is the InRoomPreview visualization App. You will have your own artist ID that will show your portfolio and only your portfolio to your audience. The setup will take one day and all your customers can download the App for free. visit http://a8m.6b5.myftpupload.com/ for more info,

15 days before the Exhibit Opening
Review Hosting an Art Reception
Distribute posters & other print publicity to your local community
Create a Facebook event for the art reception
Encourage congregants to invite their friends & family to the reception
Find help with installing artwork & hosting the reception

1 Week before the Exhibit Opening
E-mail press releases to local newspapers & other media
Continue to promote the event on social media
Finalize reception plans: menu, shopping list, volunteers, clean-up, etc.
Gather tools & equipment for installing artwork
Unpack & install the artwork

Day of the Reception
Prepare food and drinks in advance.
Get A Great Outfit and be available to greet guests
Get every visitor art visualization business card, so he can visualise your artworks at home and also see new art in the future
Have fun!

Day of Uninstalling the Exhibit
Carefully remove and repack artworks
Transport all exhibit materials

1 month after – Follow up
If anybody bought your art at the art exhibition, ask “How your friends liked my art”? It a good way to get recommendation. !!!